First Aid

AquaSafe First Aid Oxidising Additive for Spas and Hot Tubs

Maintains clean, clear, sanitised water

The AquaSafe 90 First Aid Oxidiser uses the purest form of dichlor (99%) as a tool to aid quick recovery of your spa water from smell or cloudiness. To assist in the performance of our natural product we suggest to avoid artificial fragrance additives and fake tanning creams.

The prize of chemical free water is more that worthwhile for you and your family and the environment we all live in, with our help you can achieve that goal. AquaSafe First Aid Additive will give you approx 30 treatments.

A monthly check for bacteria will also give you piece of mind.


Add 1/2 cap for spas up to 1200 litres and add 1 cap for spas of 1200 - 2250 litres. Sprinkle over surface of water, leave cover off and turn spa on full power for 20 minutes. Repeat as necessary.

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